• All undergraduate students currently enrolled in public or private colleges in New York State, at the time of registration, are eligible to compete at NY MSA Showdown.

  • Once Competitor Registration opens on October 28, 2019, the Team Registration Form will be emailed to NY college MSAs who have shown interest in participating in NY MSA Showdown 2020. If, however, an MSA at a certain college, is not interested in competing, another Muslim student organization in the college can take the responsibility of creating a team. If there is no such organization present and an individual is willing to create a team for their college, a student can create his/her own team. Regardless of who creates the team, there can only be ONE TEAM PER COLLEGE. For access to the Team Registration Form, organizations/individuals should email us at  

  • If there are any colleges interested in competing in NY MSA Showdown 2020, but have not been contacted by us, they should email us at nymsashowdown@gmail. We will open up a form for their team as soon as possible. 

  • Each team can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 25 competitors. Competitors must be undergraduate students currently attending the team’s college. 

  • Each team must appoint a Team Captain to complete the Team Registration Form. The Captain is responsible for registering all team members and making sure everyone is registered for the correct competition(s). There is a limit to the number of competitors that can register per competition within a team, as listed below. 


Sisters’ Quran: 2 Competitors (LVL 1 + LVL 2)

Brothers’ Quran: 2 Competitors (LVL 1 + LVL 2)

2D Art: 2 Competitors

Photography: 2 Competitors

Creative Writing: 2 Competitors

Spoken Word: 2 Competitors

Stand-Up Comedy: 2 Competitors

Fashion Collection: 2 Competitors


Social Justice Campaign: 1-4 Competitors

Short Film: 1-4 Competitors

Sisters’ Nasheed: 1-4 Competitors

Brothers’ Nasheed: 1-4 Competitors

Sisters’ Improv: 2-4 Competitors

Brothers’ Improv: 2-4 Competitors

Jeopardy: 1-4 Competitors

NEW Product Development: 1-6 Competitors

  • **An individual may not register for both Improv AND Jeopardy simultaneously**

  • Individual competitors CANNOT register on their own. All competitors must be approved and registered by the Captain.

  • The Captain must complete the Team Registration Form no later than
    December 8th, 2019. Once the Captain has submitted the Team Registration Form, individual competitors will be emailed a payment link, through which they will pay their $30 Registration Fee and confirm the information provided by the Captain. A competitor’s registration will only be finalized once the payment is made. 

  • Individual competitors must pay their $30 registration fee no later than
    December 15th, 2019. A school may choose to pay their registration fees
    in unison. If that is the case, the team captain must email us at as soon as possible . 

  • If  the overall competitor cap is reached before the Team Registration
    deadline of December 8th, teams will have to be put on the wait-list. If
    registered competitors do not complete their payment by the payment deadline of December 15th, we will open their spots to the people on the wait-list. If necessary, Captains may alter their team after they have submitted their Team Registration Form. All changes to an existing team must be submitted by the Captain to

  • All changes to teams must be done before December 27th. Changing
    competitions after the deadline of December 27th, will result in a deduction of points from the overall score of both the individual and the team.
    If there are any questions/concerns, feel free to email us at